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Online Shop Launch

3, 2, 1... LIFT OFF!!

Ruth Gibson Artwork Online Shop is now officially open for business!

Opening an online store has been a major goal of mine for such a long time. This summer, as I have written about already, I was delighted to get to the stage where I can sell my own work alongside my beloved commission work. It has been a long time coming and, weirdly, took a global pandemic altering my life and daily routine to enable it to happen! Having the unlimited time to myself and the peace and solitude to really get lost in my work for four months was the silver lining to an otherwise incredibly stressful and worrying time. I was able to take advantage of the very mild spring we had here in our little corner of Scotland to sit in the garden and really see what we share our gardens with, from tiny little bees and bugs to the beautiful birdlife that fill our neighbourhoods with natures song. As always, I was beyond grateful for the daily escape of going to see my horse, Kelly at her stable situated in the grounds of a once rather vast estate by the name of Rosemount. Being able to wander the, somewhat re-wilded, land either with my little dog or on the back of Kelly is a treasured time for me. I always leave feeling deeply inspired as you can't go two paces without seeing the flash of a tail through the trees or having your hair blown back by a low swooping bird! The list of different animals, insects and birds I have sighted at Rosemount is beyond what I imagined when we first moved Kelly there at the beginning of 2019 - at this rate I'd definitely win at wildlife bingo!

Above is just a tiny selection of the pictures I could have filled this whole page with from Rosemount! Its a delightful overgrown jungle with different things to find every time you ride out. If only those old stone walls could speak!

However! I am beginning to ramble away here when really I am writing about my shop!

As I was saying, I was inspired to create the series titled 'The Garden's Glory'. After receiving amazing feedback on the original portraits, it was obvious that the next step it was to start producing prints, and then, to launch my online shop. After a successful launch of my prints, it was then that, with the helpful guidance from Kyle at Kylonian Design (as always) I was able to add a shop to my website to make the whole ordering process a whole lot easier, and I am SO excited about it! So please, head over to the shop here and have a browse! You will see that there are discounts for groupings as the print sizes are fairly small and make for a nice little grouping of related pictures.

I have got to add a note that I am beyond grateful for all of the support I have received from everyone, my friends and family for their input and advice (and keeping my head on when I get carried away..) and a MASSIVE thank you has to go, to Kyle at Kylonian Design for all his help on my branding and assistance getting my shop up and running. He's the man if you are needing anything designed for your business!

I'll wrap this up now before I start getting teary eyed.. This is only the beginning afterall!

Here's to the future and getting the bazillion other ideas in my head out into reality soon. I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks again for the love!

Ruth x

P.s. Pls bear with me if there are any kinks in my shop.. I'm still learning!

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