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And So The Wheel Turns...

New Beginnings as autumn dawns

Over on my social media platforms I have been pretty silent since the beginning on September. It was unintentional but one of those things that happens when life becomes a bit chaotic with a change of routine and schedule. Everything has been quite up in the air in the Gibson house!

I suppose it all begins back in the spring when I, tired of feeling stuck in my career goals, put my head together with some friends to try work out a new direction. This new direction eventually came in something of an epiphany when a friend mentioned "Art Therapist" to me. I have always wanted a career that is fulfilling and which can help others so this really stuck and I decided to do some research... Fast forward to the beginning of September and I had enrolled back into higher education and I'm on a new journey towards (hopefully!) a career in Art Therapy! To begin with I am starting with an Art & Design HNC and will head on to university from there.

The course has already pushed me to think in new creative ways and re-engage my brain after years away from education! I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges I've faced already and it is such a joy to learn so many new techniques and media that I had never even considered or known about before - and we're only a few weeks in! I am so looking forward to what art school will bring in the future for myself and my artwork. Ruth Gibson Artwork is still going to be running in the background with occasional commission pieces and my online stores.

I've also spent some time in and out of my home town helping my parents with their own exciting new adventure - moving their house furnishing business to a new location in the town. As with myself, this is a venture they have been planning for some time and it's such an exciting development for them. Their new premises are going to hopefully have a big impact on their footfall as it's in the centre of town and has an excellent modern extended work space at the back of the property for their workroom where the team create the most beautiful works of art in the form of curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. I'm so looking forward to how it goes for them and wishing them all the best of luck in their new venture!

In other news, now that we are in September, the annual Accord art exhibition has rolled around once again. This year I have entered 2 original pieces from this year's coastal collection! The opening night was last night and as always I was blown away by some of the talent on display. The exhibition is always so successful and I am once again feeling very privileged to have my art hanging alongside so many other talented artists.

The Accord Exhibition will run for one week from the 23rd of September to the 29th of September at the Accord Hospice in Paisley. You can also view it online here.

The two pieces I have entered are The Flying Oystercatchers and The Puffin from the 2021 Coastal Collection I released earlier this summer.

Hopefully now that I am getting into the swing of things and this crazy month of September is almost by I will be able to get back into giving you more updates on new portraits and any interesting projects from my college course. In the meantime I hope everyone is safe and well and thank you for all your continued support. Ruth x

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