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Well it may have been a disappointing year when it comes to events like exhibitions, fairs and shows, but I am pleased to say that at least one of my plans went ahead this year! As always I was delighted to be invited to exhibit at the annual ACCORD Hospice Charity Exhibition up in Paisley. For a while I didn't think I'd have art in any this year so it was welcome news to hear that they were able to go ahead as planned. It was a good opportunity for the hospice fundraising team to explore an online exhibition and store alongside the physical show held in the resource centre of the main hospice building. This allowed for a larger audience from the many unable to attend as they normally would. It was a strange feeling on preview night to wander around the exhibition without my usual family and friends around me and only seeing a few other people there compared to the usual large gathering of collectors, artists and families that usually attend the preview night.

Nevertheless, despite the unusual and difficult circumstances, the show was a great success with the amazing total from sales coming to £12,225! From that total 50% was donated straight to the ACCORD hospice funds.

I only entered one portrait this time and was delighted to see that included in the portraits sold was my lovely big chap here!

"Lord of the Estate"

12x16" Colour Pencil Portrait.

This larger portrait is one I completed during Lockdown as a sort of side-piece to The Garden's Glory collection of miniatures. I had wanted to draw a Pheasant for some time as they are, in my opinion, one of Britain's more visually stunning birds with all of those intricately detailed feathers and rich burning colour. What started off as a fun challenge soon become a monumental struggle as my parents and close friends will tell you, however! The intensity of the detail and the fairly new texture challenge of drawing feathers definitely took its toll on me midway through. I am so glad that I persevered with it, and after hiding it from myself for a few weeks when I brought it back out to look at it with well-rested eyes felt much more comfortable and pleased with how it turned out! Ahhh the artist's worst critic is always the self!

After exhibiting this piece I gained a lot of interest in it, so I am working on getting a limited print run of him soon! Watch this space!

Stay safe everyone and Happy Spooktober!

Ruth x

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