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2021 reflections and 2022 beginnings

Better late than never but... Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that we are moving into a new year that brings more calm and progress than the weird chaos of the last two years which seem to have somewhat melded together in my head. January so far for myself has continued to be very busy and there wasn't much of a break for me over the festive period due to a slight overbooking of commissions alongside semester 1 deadlines. I'm definitely out of practice at the school/work-life balance. However, I have worked hard to find that balance already this month and start the year with an easier schedule to allow me more time to get back to regular social uploads and to dedicate more time to the little Owl Magic series I was dipping in and out of last year!

The past semester at college, although keeping me very busy, has been so much fun for me. I have learned so many new techniques and been pushed out of my comfort zone when it comes to medias and subject matters. I will be sharing more of the work I have produced there over on my social media pages now that I'm past semester 1 deadlines. One of the biggest discoveries for me was finally trying oil paints. I am a total convert now and absolutely love working with them. I have only produced 3 pieces so far (one still in progress) but I am really so excited to create some pieces at home for myself and have a go at some animal portraits in oils - perhaps a portrait of my own lovely horse for a change!

As I mentioned, I am really looking forward to progressing more with the series I began last year for the local non-profit Owl Magic. I have just made a start on my next portrait for that of one of their beautiful Barn Owls so I look forward to getting some good videos and progress pictures of that as it takes shape. I am in love with how these pieces are going so far and it's so nice to get lost in recreate such incredible birds as owls. Here are two of the portraits from last year:

Vermiculated Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl

There is such a depth to the eyes of these incredible birds, isn't there?

Another thing I am looking forward to this year is hopefully some of the local exhibitions restarting! Unfortunately there were still many cancellations last year as restrictions in Scotland lasted well into the summer but it's looking likely that there will be more of them this year so watch out for any announcements! Hopefully I get my lovely seaside collection out to some of them!

So, here's to a bright and positive new year with a glimmering of hope and some exciting prospects, and a lot of hard work again from me!

Ruth x

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