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Art is everywhere.
It is in all of us. 

Ruth Gibson is a self-taught portrait artist born in a seaside town in Ayrshire in 1997. Growing up surrounded by animals and art, it seemed inevitable that Ruth should develop a passion for both. Indeed, from a very young age she showed promise that she had inherited an artistic gift from her mother, and continued to develop that talent through her school years.

Following school, she spent some time working with horses, and studying their nature in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. It was here that she was inspired to pick up her pencils once more. One portrait became many after requests for commissions began. It was then that she started on a new path as a portrait artist.


Driven by a love and fascination of the animals she captures in her artwork, Ruth seeks to bring out the soul and character in her subjects. To capture and express their emotions. To breathe life into them.

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